The Perfect Villan

I’m the perfect super villain. No one can or ever will be better than i am. I’m the best of the best. People come to me where they can’t do it themselves or the misfit they hired messed up the job. Once i have a job, not even the end of the world can stop me. If there ever were a super villain hall of fame, i’d definitely be in it… multiple times. The best part about me is that no matter what, i will never be caught, even when i am… there is absolutely nothing they can ever charge me with and i get to walk free and no one can do anything to stop me. My name will well known by the FBI, MI5, Interpol and just about every other intelligence agency in the world. They are always trying to catch me, find a way to tie all my crimes back to me, find a way to put me in maximum security for about 8 life sentences…. But they will never be able to catch me. I can promise that. I don’t have to worry about anything, life couldn’t be better! I can create as much chaos as i want, break as many rules as i want, ignore any law i choose. But i will never get caught because i’m the perfect supervillain. I have the wealth of batman and iron man combines, the accuracy of deadshot, i take the best parts of villains. I could be considered a thief, maybe a power thief, when i see something i like… i take it, but don’t worry, we’re all friends, they beg me to take their powers, to be known as helping me is the zenith of a villain’s career. I am the best in the business, and you’re in luck… i got a job and i’ll take you along with me, oh and don’t bother showing this to the FED’s. They can’t arrest me, this could be considered a confession but they aren’t going to be able do anything with this confession because they will have no proof i did it, besides i am a good story teller, i could completely change everything about this and make them arrest whoever i felt like. So now that that’s over with….


Random blurb of a short story


The cafe was buzzing with life. The barista was asking people for orders, a couple of people making coffee were putting on a show for some little kids. My friend was dragging me to go meet this girl he thinks i’ll like, and i’m ok with meeting them but the thing is that i can never love someone, no one can ever get too close to me. I have a secret that i can’t let her know.

“Jack you know I can’t tell her” i said looking at him as we drove towards the cafe

“I know, you don’t have to tell her” he said back

“I don’t know i think mentioning that i’m a serial killer is a BIG turn off for most girls” i said wrapping a string around my finger

“Besides you haven’t really murdered anyone lately so i guess the FBI finally gave up” he said

“Still think this is a waste of time” he said

“Just trust me, your gonna like her. I wouldnt drag you here and listen to your endless complaining if i didn’t think this was going to work” he said pulling into one of the parking spots

“Ugh this is a stupid idea” i said getting out of the car and adjusting my ring on my hand and walking next to Jack

“Just shut up and follow me” he said walking towards the door

“To this day i don’t understand why your friends with me” i said

“Because ur actually a really good person

“All of these little children here, they dont know a monster walks among them” i said smiling at a small child who gave me a goofy grin and waved at me

“If you weren’t so annoying i feel like girls would fall head over heels for you” he said punching me in the shoulder

“So where’s this girl you want me to meet” i said scanning the room

“You tell me… thought it would be a fun game for you to figure it out” he said

“Now your just making this too easy” i said looking around, a bunch of little kids were scribbling on paper, some old people were playing chess, some couples were talking to each other laughing, it looked like a normal day. I start walking with Zack behind me up to this one girl who was writing in a book, she had a hat pulled low over her face as if she was trying to hide from everyone

“Correct” he said looking impressed

“Aw c’mon it isn’t that hard for me to figure this stuff out” I said backing up, letting Zack get the girls attention

“Rebecca” he said to the girl, she finished writing something and looked up

“Zack, i didn’t think you were gonna show up” she said

“This is Aaron” he said nudging me

I looked at her and gave my most convincing smile. She was wearing a hoodie and ripped jeans, her glasses were awkwardly staying on her face as she smiled back

“Nice ring” she said

“Thanks, may i sit down?” i said

“Yea sure” she said moving a book and slipping it back in her bag

“I’ll pick you up later” Zack said as he walked away. Everything seemed to keep moving like nothing interesting was happening, everyone just seemed to be enjoying themselves and laughing, someone was playing a guitar in the back silently, he looked like he was trying to write a song. It smelled like a combination of coffee and cinnamon, the lights seemed to radiate happiness like everything was going to go right for everyone in the room somehow. A bunch of delighted kids laughed as they knocked down the dominos and smiled as all of them fell on the table.

“Most people don’t notice my ring” i said looking at her

“Id think would be one of the first things people notice” she said i looked at one of her pages on her notebook

Taekwondo Testing

Yesterday was the best day ever, I went to Parkway South middle school for my 2nd degree testing and got my temparary tip which means im only one testing away from getting my second degree…. The testing is broken down into 2 parts so i got the first part done yesterday, i did single and double nunchucks, bong tecquinique (basically a long stick) and knife self defense which is my favriote one! there were 54 of us testing and it was pretty amazing to see all of us together having fun and working hard. the youngest was a 5 year old getting her temp. black belt and she was pretty badass. we had to do 100 push-ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, jumping kicks and punches. it was pretty fun. i think the best part was seeing all the little kids look at all of us in wonder while we did our weapons becasuse they think we app are super cool so i had a great weekend

7 gates to hell

i wrote this in class and thought it was pretty cool

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” I said as we drove down a gravel road late at night. There were a few drunks staring at us because of the glare of the headlights.

“You secretly want to know if I’m right, too” Zack said back smirking.

“No, I just need to make sure you don’t do something stupid,” I said.

“Trust me you can’t stay away from me, where would I be without my moral compass?” Zack said as we drove down the road even farther and reached one of the “gates.”

“This is the gate we’re supposed to go into?” I said almost laughing. It was covered in graffiti and cobwebs. There were chunks of the bridge missing and it groaned under the pressure of the train, that sped above it. The headlights of the car illuminated the bridge, as we drove underneath it. The air seemed to get a little bit colder once we made it through and the forest around us seemed to get thicker as Zack kept driving down the road. The leaves were rustling and a few critters were scattering around the edge of the forest

“How the hell did you even figure this order out?” I asked as we passed through 4 more doors the same way. Nothing seemed to change so I just thought this story was bogus. The annoying voice of the GPS interrupted the silence occasionally. Turn right here, left in 10 feet.

“Some old dude told me about it when I was walking home from school, gave me this GPS, oddly enough the only location in it is the way to the 7 gates of hell,” he said, suddenly slamming on the brakes knocking the GPS off. I nearly hit my head against the dashboard. Coffee spilling out all over the cup holder and the ground.

“What the hell was that for,” I said rubbing my head

“We passed that drunk guy before. I don’t know how, but he’s following us! He gave me the GPS and told me that he lived in that creepy dark alley I always pass to school, “Zack said.

“He’s too drunk to stand, besides we are are in a park after all! All drunk people look the same I don’t know how you could think you found the same damn person,” I said picking up the GPS and putting it back on it’s stand.

“I don’t know it looks like the same guy,” Zack said starting the car again and driving forward.

“C’mon we got 5 min till midnight and 2 more gates.” Zack started driving faster narrowly avoiding a tree.

“Dude, pay attention. I don’t want to have to explain to your parents why the car is wrecked again, I don’t even know why I’m here” I said

“Last one!” he said as we passed under a bridge as the clock struck 12:00 pm.

“These just look like abandoned bridges that trains don’t even realize they pass underneath,” I said yawning

“It was supposed to be here.” Zack slowed down and looked around, nothing changed except a little bit of fog was around the edge of the trees.

“This is why you do- Wait why does this look like our school parking lot?” I looked around. We were in my parking spot next to the tree with the headlight stuck in the trunk. The football stadium lights were on, but no one was in it.

“No, this is that creepy house that I hate going near,” Zack said taking off his seatbelt and leaned forward.

“What are you talking about? The tree is right in front of us, dude. Stop trying to make me believe we really found a portal to hell going underneath some stupid bridges.” I laughed.

“Okay, dude, I know you’re pulling a prank on me, but please stop and tell me that isn’t the same drunk guy,” Zack said rubbing his face

“I’m not pulling a prank. This is the school parking lot, the stadium lights are on too, it looks like a football game is going to start” I said pulling my phone out and checked the time, it was 12:05

“I’m getting out of here,” Zack said putting the car in gear and driving forward suddenly stopping when he heard a giant crash noise. He looked at me scared.

“ZACK you idiot why are you driving into a tree! What is wrong with you?” I said

“There isn’t a tree here? It’s just that plain road in front of that dude’s house with nothing in front of it,” he said

“How can you not see this huge ass tree in front of you?” I said

“Whatever,” he said putting his car into gear and reversed a little bit then tried to pull forward but couldn’t move anymore, the tires just kept going, but the car wasn’t moving at all.

“What the fuck?” he whispered

“I told you there’s a tree!” I panicked.

“I swear to god there isn’t a tree,” he said “It’s just that fucking creepy house with that same drunk guy drinking vodka. He’s smiling at me and laughing! I don’t know what’s going on

“What is happening? We were just in the park. How could we be seeing two different places? We’re in the same car, I said looking towards my right at Zack.

“I don’t even know what happened! I thought we were supposed to see some lava river or something,” he said

“Since when did hell have a lava river?” I said taking out my lighter and watching the flame.

“Quit doing that. We need to figure out what the hell is going on so we can get back home before my parents kill me,” he said

“It’s how I calm down. What do you want me to do?” I said

“Help me figure out what’s happening would be helpful” he said getting out of the car and came back in almost exactly after he got out

“We need to get out of here! The whole side of the car looks like it went through a blender” he said

“Were at school dude it wont take that long to get back to your house” I said getting out and going over to his side of the car and laughed

“Good one dude, the car is totally destroyed! The only damage is to the front,” Isaid getting back in the car

The last adventure

i wonder if this is what happens when you die

The last thing I could remember was that I was a bit cold, even under the 3 blankets i was under. I thought it was kinda odd, but i guess that’s what you get for having the room be like 60 degrees in winter. There was this really annoying itch on my nose that was driving me crazy, there was also this really bright light that was giving me a headache. The beeping turned into a symphony in my head … My voice wouldn’t work. Then, out of nowhere it was really silent, the beeping had stopped. I closed my eyes for a second, a cool breeze seemed to appear out of nowhere, it was peaceful. When I open them there’s a scrawny kid with an oversized black hoodie smiling at me, bits of hair were on his face and his dark green eyes glowed in the dim light. He had a few scars on the bridge of his nose and the side of his cheek. He was smiling at me, his eyes constantly scanning the room like he was looking for something, or someone but still smiled when i looked at him

        “Hey” he said

        “Hey” I said back looking around, we were in a bar sitting in the back underneath a neon sign

How did i get here? Whos this guy? Why am i in the clothes i was wearing yesterday? I could’ve sworn i broke that bracelet when….

        “How r u feeling” he asked fiddling with a ring he had on his hand

        “I’m kinda cold” I said smiling

Ok this is kinda weird, idk i did blackout last night, maybe this is a dream

        “Here” he said taking his hoodie off and giving it to me, revealing a dark blue shirt he was wearing for a second I thought I saw a tattoo, but I was distracted by his face

        “Thanks” I said putting it on, it smelled like cologne, it was different than anything I ever smelled before, kinda like rain and smoke from a fire combined

        “I’m Enzo” he said smiling

“Alex” I said back

“Are you hungry?” he said

“Kinda, wait where are we? I’ve seen you before! Why are we in a bar? Why are you talking to me now” I said.

“I wanted to be friends with you… if that’s ok with you. I thought a bar would be a good place to meet you” he said looking around at all the people

“But how can I be here I thought I was shot” I said looking at him

“Unfortunately you were, I just wanted to take you on 1 last adventure” he said

“Ok, I’m a bit confused” I said

“I take people to the underworld to be judged… I mean it’s kinda an adventure, not one id want to take a 17 year old kid on, but an adventure none the less” he said looking at the menu

“Wait so I am dead?” I said

“Well technically yes, your dead but people can still see you and talk to you, I just take you to the underworld so you don’t have to be alone. So were just two teenagers about to go on an adventure technically” he said

Great, their reaction to realizing they are dead is always either screaming or just whining that they died wayyy too early

“That is so cool, so you’re like a guide! Do you see a lotta ghosts? whoa is there skeletons like doing jobs and can they put themselves back together if someone accidently breaks them? have you actually seen a real zombie? Wanna be friends?” I said

“You ask a lotta questions” he said laughing

Well that was uncalled for, i didn’t think that was going to be the reaction she was going to have

“Sorry I’m really curious! I’ve never heard of someone whose job was going on an adventure every day with different people and getting new experience” I said smiling

“I never looked at it like that” he said

Ok why is the grim reaper so cute, like dang I would’ve died earlier if I knew I could go on an adventure with a cute guy

“Really? I would have thought it would be great getting to know millions of people and talking to people” I said

“I- that’s not usually people’s reaction to knowing they are going to the underworld to be judged” he said back

“Huh? Guess I really did get to go out with a grand adventure! So when do we begin??” I said

        “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met Alex” he said

        “Thanks Enzo!” I said back

No one’s ever said my name before, why did such a pure hearted person have to die? She deserves to have had the full experience of life! damn she’s cute too

“I love adventures you never know who your gonna see or where your gonna go”

        “C’mon let’s go” he said waving his hand, and we were standing in front of a giant forest, 2 backpacks were on the ground in front of us

        “Dude you can teleport?! That’s so cool! Hey look it’s like were going camping!” I said smiling

        “This way” he said picking up his bag and trying to hide a smile he was holding a giant stick with him now

        “Enzo, I can tell you’re a cool dude” I said picking up the bag and following him

This girl is bouncing with positivity, it’s so great. How did she die? Wow I didn’t think I would care about a person

Ok anyone who wrote those stories about the grim reaper being some monster who drags people to hell is so wrong, he’s so cute and kind, plus he wants to get to know me

        “How did you end up here, why are you having to be judged so young, I mean your only 17” he said

I was stupid and saw the good in the world

        “I jumped in front of my friend, we were being mugged and the guy pulled a gun out on us and Ally froze” I said

Woah, i can’t even remember the last time someone did that

        “You saved her” he said

        “I hope I did, I don’t really remember what happened after that” I said

        “That’s pretty brave” he said as we walked through the forest

        “It’s much brighter than I thought it was gonna be, it’s kinda peaceful here” I said looking around, the trees seemed to sway to a rythem that only they could see, the only weird thing was there were no animals, it was hauntingly quiet as we walked

There’s something weird about this place, it’s like drawing me in to like stay forever but like anytime Enzo talks it goes away and takes a little longer every time it comes back

        “You’re a hero” he said back

        “I guess, I just acted on instinct” I said picking up a rock and removing the mud off it and just stared at the dark blackish blue color

        “Well I’m sure Ally thinks you’re a hero Alex” he said

There’s more to her than she’s letting on, I just hope I can get her to trust me

Don’t try to get in, it never ends well, besides you’re not even going to remember me, I’m just a dead person

        “We’ll camp here” he said putting his bag down on the trail, you could tell it had been walked on a lot

        “Oooooo can we make s’mores? Or like sleep in the tree instead of the ground? What if I could like do something stupid and not die, since I’m already dead?” I said

        “You really do radiate energy” he said

        “It’s a gift” I said kinda sarcastically

        “I’m gonna go look for some wood, don’t leave the campsite without me, it’s dangerous” he said

        “Don’t go into the deep dark scary forest at night… got it” I said looking around, it seemed like a bunch of shadows were moving in the distance, some of them kept changing shape like they couldn’t decide what they wanted to look like.

        “Look this forest is full of bad creatures and lost and banished souls that will kill or torture you if you go off the path, they need something to entertain them and twisted or not, the people I have to bring to the underworld are the ones that are the target” he said

Why do I have a feeling that this place is the same as high school, at least in high school i could’ve blasted music and ignore them all

        “Well what a cheery crowd to hang with, don’t worry I won’t leave the path” I said sitting down and leaning against a tree and stared at the fire

        “Just in case” he said taking a knife out of his pocket and giving it to me

        “Don’t worry, ill b ok” I said putting the knife in my pocket

Enzo got up and picked up his scythe and walked into the darkness, it seemed that the darkness was running away from him, like he somehow had control over it. The night was silent and the only noise was the crackle of the fire, the flames danced into the sky looking like they were turning into stars, it seemed like a normal night, like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, honestly all of this would’ve seemed normal except the fact that i am dead and like i don’t know what to do or how to feel about it.

        “You look lost” someone said walking up to me, they didn’t cross the path, they just stood at the end of the path before it became smooth, they looked scared to even get close to the path but it seemed confused.

        “No, I know where I am, I like being here” I said, I couldn’t tell who was talking, it looked like a person but it looked like he was missing his legs

Ok what the hell where did he come from, i should probably stay away from him, or it or whatever the hell this thing is. This place is creepy as hell

        “Good, that’s good. Do you mind handing me that stick, I accidently threw it over there and my dog wants it back” he said

        “Why don’t you come here and get it” I asked

        “No, I can’t” he said

        “Why not?” I said getting up walking up to him

What are you doing, stop going near it, stop it! Remember what Enzo said! Stop it Alex damnit

        “I’m afraid of fire, and that flame looks really big and bright” he said

        “It’s actually really warm and nice” I said

“It seems really dangerous” he said smiling as I tried to get a better look at him

Suddenly everything got really cold and dark, it seemed like the fire had gone out but I wasn’t sure, I could see my breath and there were a bunch of people surrounding me, they were definitely not there before

        “Why don’t you try harder” one said

“Huh” i said turning around

        “You try too hard and annoy people” another said

        “How many more people have to be near you”

Out of nowhere the rest of them started screaming

It’s not real! it’s not real! They are just trying to make me cry. Don’t let it get to-

        “Your dumbass Ally doesn’t care that you saved her” another one said

        “SHUT UPPP” I said

All of them erupted into laughter, some just started pointing at me and mocked me

        “Ally is glad you’re not bothering her anymore, she’s finally free from you bothering her” one said

I couldn’t tell who was talking anymore, all of them kept spitting more and more, they all stared at me with cruel smiles and cold eyes


None of them replied, they just started laughing, it was getting colder and colder. Ice started to form on the tree branches and they all seemed to get bigger and bigger and the laughing seemed to echo through my bones. My ears started ringing and I felt like I was gonna pass out, before I knew it I was on the ground and the monsters were screaming louder and getting closer. None of them touched me, only screamed

        “STOP IT! STOP” I said trying to muffle the sound with the hoodie but it didn’t seem to work

THAT’S ENOUGH! BEGONE YOU PARASITES!” a voice said and suddenly everything got quiet and it instantly warmed up and the crackle of the fire resumed faintly, i could faintly see the frost on the trees melting

“Alex? Alex can you hear me?” someone said

I could barely hear anything, my ears keep ringing and their cruel voices and mocking laughter just seemed to ring in my head

Out of all the days those monsters had to come why did it have to be today she didn’t deserve that, I swear I’m going to destroy them. I know it’s one of the tests but still there were so many others that we could have done

What if they are right? Maybe Ally doesn’t want me around, so many people say that to me too

“Alex” Enzo said louder this time

“SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOUR WRONG! ALLY IS MY BEST FRIEND! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY! I WILL PROTECT HER ANYWAY” I said swinging my arms trying to get them all to go away

“It’s ok. Their gone” he said hugging me, I struggled against his grip trying to run away

“Your wrong!” I muttered

“Alex open your eyes its ok” he said slowly letting go of me. I opened my eyes to the orangish yellow flames and Enzo staring at me, his green eyes glowed against the fire

“What were those things” I said looking at him

I shouldn’t have left… I should’ve protected her! I should’ve known today was the day the sirens roam

“Those were sirens” he said

        “Like the ones from those ocean stories”

“I haven’t ever heard them before”

“Why didn’t they cross the path?”

“Their fate is to roam the forest for all eternity” he said looking at me

“That sounds terrible” I said getting up and going back to the fire. I just sat there and poked the coals with a stick and the fire roared back to life. Enzo came up next to me and sat down

“Why do they have to be like that” I asked

“Like what?” he said

“Doing something wrong? Like i know there are bad people in this world, i just dont understand why it has to always be hurting other people or doing something that would punish them for the rest of their exsistance” i said

“Sometimes its the only way people feel like they could have control or peace” he said back

“Yea i guess” i said

“Alex, you have a choice: you can go back into the world of the living, or be judged” he said with a serious tone

“Wait I have a choice? Also i’m pretty sure that door wasn’t there before” I said looking at a giant obsidian door that seemed to have impending doom and your screwed radiating out of it was in front of me, but like seriously that wasnt there before

“Pick carefully, you don’t get another choice” he said leaning on his scythe

“I want to be judged” I said looking at him

“You do?” he said

“What’s the point of trying to avoid judgement. We all are judged eventually. Might as well get it over with” I said looking down

“Most people wouldn’t want to be judged, they would do whatever they could to try to get another chance, or try to convince me to take me back to the living world” he said

“Guess i’m not like everyone else” i said

Suddenly i was standing in front of 5 ghosts who were sitting on a table in front of me, they all looked like they were over 5,000 years old and Enzo was standing behind them, one of the 5 was talking to him

“Well done” one of them said

“I must say im impressed, your one of the few who answered the question right” another said

“Im confused” i said looking down

“We are the ones who judge young one, and you are one of the few kind hearted people who deserve another chance” one of them said with a kind smile

“What does that mean” i said

“It means you passed, your allowed to go home, back to your family and your life” the oldest one said

“Wait! Will i get to see Enzo again? He’s really nice and deserves a true friend” i said

All 5 of them turned to their back towards me and whispered. Enzo had left by now and i just stood in the gloomy room staring at 5 ghosts wondering if i had made a mistake

“How about we make a deal?” one said

“Ok?” i said holding my necklace

“No need to be worried” the one who smiled at me said

“Ok” i said more confidently

“We will let you go back to your life, and if Enzo is ok with it, you can go with him to take the souls here” one said, the others nodded with approval

“Really?” i said

“You deserve it, you are the only one we’ve ever seen who deserves this chance” they said

“Enzo” one of them said

“Yes” he said appearing out of nowhere

Yup thats awesome he can teleport! And i might actually be able to see Ally again!

“Would you be ok with having Alex join you in bringing the souls to us to be judged once he’s finished actually living her life” one said

“Yes” he said without thinking

“Then it’s settled” the others said

Suddenly that bright light came back along with that stupid annoying beeping, along with Ally whispering something to me that i couldn’t understand, I wasnt cold anymore but i felt like doing a backflip. i slightly groaned and tried to move my arm, i tried to remember how the ghosts looked like as their voices echoed in my head

“Alex? Can you hear me?” a familiar voice said

“Ugh, Why does it smell like taco bell” i said

“Oh thank god your ok” the voice said hugging me

“Jesus you’re gonna kill me if you hug me any harder” i said opening my eyes and seeing Ally’s face smiling at me and for a second i thought i saw Enzo smiling in the corner of the room


Random thoughts

Ok you really don’t need to read this but i feel like itll make some people laugh (if anyone even reads this)

  • What if every time I cracked my knuckles they started glowing like a glow stick
  • I wonder how terrifying it would be to read do not touch in Braille
  • For some reason Neutella is convincing us that chocolate is only acceptable during breakfast is when it’s on a piece of bread
  • If a shark told it’s shark friends that it had a hook in its mouth, flew into the sky, was measured, tagged, tested and thrown back in the water…. would that be counted as alien abduction
  • If the number of fish keep declining I wonder if our future generations will think ‘plenty of fish in the ocean’ was a sarcastic way to say u ain’t gonna find anyone
  • The most awkward time to go deaf would be during silence bc you’ll just think no one is still talking
  • People think it’s so weird that elephants are afraid of mice but we are afraid of bugs
  • I wonder if when a shark stares at a human and they are afraid because they think we are the most dangerous thing on the planet
  • The fact that google auto fills in our questions shows how unoriginal out questions are
  • Imagine typing a question into google and no one but you knows the answer
  • We should say it was punintentional instead of no pun intended
  • Imagine how boring it would be to b paving a highway in the middle of nowhere
  • On a submarine you can b under fire, underwater, on fire and taking on water all at the same time
  • I wonder what kind of stupid would force a hotel to have a warning sigh saying the balcony is not on the ground floor
  • Remember when teachers said you wouldn’t be able to walk around with a calculator and a calendar in your pocket… WELL LOOK AT US NOW LOSERS
  • If 666 is evil then 25.806975801127 is the root of all evil

Random writing

i wrote this some time ago

A place where you can walk through the streets and can learn something new

Find out something new

Make a new friend

Find a new experience

Travel the world

Where concerts were free

Where you could put on a show for a new idea you have

And could do anything

Because in my world

People are perfect the way they are

No matter what

No difference would matter to anyone

It was basically a place where you could be the person you wished you were

And no one would stop you

Even if you were not like anyone else

Your individualism would be the thing that people liked about you the most

They would want to see things from your perspective

Want to know how you would do something

And be interested if it wasn’t like anyone else’s

It would be a place where dreams were exact realities

A place where you would know what a true freinds was

Were you could walk the streets and see people selling food

Incredible smells of food you never tried before

Street performers

Showing off their skills


Creating new songs that made the whole place seem to just seem like a dream and an adventure

If i were to create this place

I would keep it a secret

The world we live in would hate this place

I would make it so only people who really deserve it can live

I would create something that only they could use to come to my world

And could live here for as long as they wanted

And would always be welcomed back here

I would make sure that it would never allow negative people in

Where no one who would put down someone or cause conflict to come here

I would make sure daily life was an adventure for them

That would be the world i create

I would make sure it would be a place where fun was constant

And memories were always created